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What is the Ecosystem concept for Investors and Lenders?

Geosentient: a multi-faceted Ecosystem for ESG Investors

The Ecosystem provides a:
(1) Secure, flexible, scalable buffer for liquidity that cannot be placed in the Banking system or invested in any financial instrument involving serious risk and non-guaranteed returns.
(2) Safe placement for excess liquidity that exceeds National deposit guarantees.
(3) Reliable placement alternative to High-Net-Worth Individuals, Professional and Sophisticated investors who want to stop burning cash in the Banking System with near-zero rates.
(4) A stable funding source for the Sustainable transformation of member SMEs with ready-to-execute transactions.
(5) A placement that generates a specific and measurable positive impact on the Local Economy, the Environment and Society.

Geosentient Platform Ecosystem | The game-changer for Primary Sector SMEs platform ecosystem
Why do we make sense today?

We offer Primary Sector SMEs the missing capabilities they cannot afford in order to survive and grow in the New Economy.

The covid19 pandemic has proven that during a crisis everybody is worried about liquidity. Unfortunately, nobody can actually guarantee liquidity today:

  1. We support the Raw Material producers that the Financial System excludes as a matter of principle.
  2. We transform Raw Material Production with digital tech while we implement wider Sustainable Development Plans for the locations that we have active representation in.
  3. Considering the deglobalization caused by covid19, we make raw materials value chains resilient, transparent, efficient and fair.
  4. We create a safe haven for investors to place their funds – our value is based on the Real Economy and not on market instruments.
  5. We provide cutting-edge tech providers with a safe gateway to mass adoption and network effects without massive costs.
  6. We are executing a wider plan for Smart, Sustainable and Equitable Development impacting the Economies that we will be expanding to.

Our Ecosystem reinstates peace of mind to Primary Sector actors through a straightforward approach: Our Platform Ecosystem de-risks and simplifies placements for investors while it offers the ability to SMEs to operate and execute their transactions within the Ecosystem while they become more resilient and profitable.  A true win-win for all.

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A unique guarantee for members

All placements in the Geosentient Ecosystem are actually (not theoretically) guaranteed.

We offer transparent and simple guarantees for any placement made to our Ecosystem.

(1) Guarantee by liquid collateral:  In simple terms, all placements are guaranteed by metals that can be turned into cash in a few days without any loss of value
(2) Limited capital raises: The Ecosystem raises just the capital it needs, reinvesting its own capital and profits at a rate of 70%-80% p.a.
(3) Immediate and measurable value creation: All Geosentient operations are ready-to-execute transactions that provide short term (2-4 week) returns with low risk.
(4) Insurance coverage: All transactions are covered by insurance as an extra precaution.
(5) Cash in accounts: All cash of the transactions are collateralized to guarantee our Investor’s cash until full repayment.

Exclusive use of funds: All funds placed with us are placed in a separate SPV with separate accounts, ensuring full independence from any other Geosentient activity.

Geosentient Platform Ecosystem | The game-changer for Primary Sector SMEs platform ecosystem
What do we offer member SMEs?

Increased competitiveness, reduced cost and more customers.

Every Primary Sector SME today faces serious challenges:

(1) Limited competitiveness against larger companies or multinational traders

(2) Limited access to financing and the Financial System even for simple needs.

(3) Most private investors exclude SMEs of the Primary Sector from their portfolios.

(4) SMEs and smaller entities do not have access to large distribution networks with severe implications on their profitability and growth

We provide an entire Ecosystem of solutions: from hyper-customized financial services provided by our partner Omikron Financial, to distribution opportunities and new technologies that lead to income increase and a sharp reduction of operational costs.
In short, we offer the capabilities of a medium-sized company without the operational costs, the need for internationalization and capital investments. At the same time, we make even micro-businesses competitive and agile.

Geosentient Platform Ecosystem | The game-changer for Primary Sector SMEs platform ecosystem
Why is Geosentient more efficient than market placements?

A unique combination of excellent & secure returns.

Our Ecosystem provides:

(1) A unique combination: a guarantee of the placement with excellent returns: up to eight per cent (8%) depending on the amount and term.

(2) A “Business as a Service” environment where the investor/lender virtually leases a mature business operation with minimum bureaucratic hurdles and maximum visibility.

(3) Real-time insights from the serviced business to facilitate investors/lenders in making informed decisions about the term of the placement.

(4) Secure data management and encryption for all member exchanges

(5) All placements create local jobs and have a direct positive impact on the Real Economy

(6) All investors/lenders become supporters of the Smart, Sustainable and Equitable transition that the Primary Sector needs desperately to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

Every placement in Geosentient ensures an excellent return and at the same time creates a positive impact on the Real Economy and the people who need it the most.


Ecosystem Leadership

The Geosentient Platform Ecosystem is supported and led by Partners who are involved personally in its success and the achievement of its Vision.

The Executive team of Ecosystem Partners come from all types of experiences and specializations, ranging from IT and Software Development, Mining and Metals Processing to Banking and Finance.

Yiannis Kondoulis
Chief Resources Officer

Extremely knowledgable HR and Recruitment Executive who provides C-suite strategic consultancy services globally.

Christo Kuhl
Chief Capabilities Officer-Mining & Metals

20 years experience in various roles and levels of the Mining Industry with deep knowledge of various metals & minerals.

Panos Thymianides
Chief Strategy Officer

Expert in sustainability in resource supply chains and disruptive strategic thinking.  CEO of Olvia RMM International Ltd.

Geosentient Platform Ecosystem | The game-changer for Primary Sector SMEs platform ecosystem
Become a Member today and

Start enjoying the unique benefits nobody else offers you today.



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